Kotori-Voice Inc. / 小鳥音声公司


Are you interested in
vocalize your work
professional voice actors?
We are a voice production
that offers voices
for anime,
game or documentary
from Japan.


  • Original animation film "Shiti-ga-hama de Mitsuketa (Found at Shiti-ga-hama Beach)" was created for 10th Anniversary since Great East Japan earthquake. all casting and voice recording.

  • Original animation films by STUDIO Kingyo-Iro "Kenda-Ma-ster Ken" and "I Wanna See You Before the World has Destructed" casting, voice recording and partly post production.

  • Tactical RPG "Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny" for PS4 and Nintendo Switch by Nippon Ichi Software, all casting and voice recordings.

  • Japan Racing Association made some films called ”The Operatin GOOD MANNER". voice recording and edition.




On special connections with over 30 voice talent agencies, we offer a great casting plan according to your budget. Not only Japanese but English and Chinese speakers are available.


With skilled agents, directors, engineers and excellent recording studios, we are engaged in the whole recording and editing process. Skype may help you observe recording sessions held in Tokyo.


A start-up company sometimes give up vocalizing their work because of their small budget. They often regret poor performance of an inmatured voice talent they discovered on SNS.

We love working with you and your innovative work. The best effective plan and coordination would be offered to you soon.

  • スタジオ風景
  • スタジオ風景
  • スタジオ風景
  • スタジオ風景


  • Character Voice… 100 phrases/400 USD
  • Narration… 60 sec/300 USD

*It depends on performance fee, deadline or other request. Ask us to estimate your request frankly.


Company Name: Kotori-Voice Inc. / 小鳥音声公司
Founded: September 16, 2014
Address: 1-14-34 Sengawa-cho "Recital Sengawa" 1F Chofu-shi, Tokyo JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-6909-0624
Business Contents: Voice Production / Voice Talent Agency / Planning and Coordination


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