Kotori-Voice Inc. / 小鳥音声公司


Are you interested in
vocalize your work
professional voice actors?
We are a voice production
that offers voices
for anime,
game or documentary
from Japan.


  • Strategy app game "Bound Strike / 聖域對決" by JFI Games, partly casting and voicerecording.

  • App game "Fantasy Empire" by M-games, All casting and voice recording.

  • console game "Dusk Diver 酉閃町" by JFI Games Inc. Chinese-Japanese Translation, All Casting & Voice Recording

  • app game "Phantom Mirror" by SuperNovaOverseas Ltd. All Casting, Voice Recording and Promotion Support

  • app game "Mist Chronicle" by GLife Inc. All Casting & Voice Recording

  • console game "Kaitou Twins" All Casting & Voice Recording

  • Tsugumi Takanashi is an imaginary poster girl for the card loan service by JIBUN Bank. Casting and Voice Recording

  • app game "Perfect Mission" by OASIS GAMES Inc. All Casting & Voice Recording

  • A voice drama for adult women "Mage of Twins" Casting & Voice Recording as well as "The Utopia Called Omelas"

  • PC game for adult "Dungeon Town EX" Casting and Voice Recording